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Job! My brother and I keep a sharp watch for birds. He takes dawn to noon, and I take noon to sunset. It's lonely work, but it has to be done, and it is part of our apprenticeship in the Guild. They were chosen for their sharp eyes, interjected Mattie. It wouldn't do to have a birdwatcher who can't see the birds. Of course not, Torch agreed, with that tone that one uses around slightly senile relatives. Trev looked over the edge of the basket and studied the shadow of the mast on the ground. Looking down cautiously, Torch was surprised to find that he was sitting at the apex of a giant sundial. Large and small stones were laid out in a broad semicircle around the clearing to the north of the imobiliare bucuresti mast. There were thirteen big stones representing the hours of the day, and between each of these were eleven smaller stones representing five-minute intervals. Everything was laid out with a precision that reminded Torch of Mizar's garden. The shadow of the mast struck the stone circle about two hours past noon. Torch squinted and looked carefully at the tip of the shadow. You could actually see it moving from one stone to the next. It's been twenty minutes since the last sighting, said Trev, turning to the northwest. We should see some birds about now. He stared intently over the treetops. Keep looking there, just to the left of that beech with the crooked top. See it? Torch was quite lost, but followed the young man's gaze. They were looking back across the island, directly imobiliare bucuresti across Mizar's house toward the Willow Gate and the lagoon. All Torch could see were a few butterflies flitting from tree to tree. There! said Trev. Right on time! At first Torch imobiliare bucuresti didn't see, but in a few seconds he caught the flash of many white wings circling in the distance. A flock of shorebirds had been startled off their nests perhaps two miles away. It took them half a minute to settle down below the treetops again. You'll tell the warehouse crew? asked Trev of Mattie. About half an hour, I'd say. imobiliare They are making good time. She nodded and hooked a leg over the edge of the basket. No sense you having to run up and down the ladder when we're on our way. Who is coming in? It's Captain Peter and the Warlock, replied Trev. Following you in from Milford. Come on, Torch! With that she disappeared over the side. Torch thought he had almost grasped the purpose of the birdwatcher. So the birds are your sentries? In http://dogtalkmusic.com/ the daytime, replied Trev. They don't fly at night, of course. Of course, Torch replied. No stranger could navigate the shoaling marshlands in the dark. He climbed out of the basket and started down the rope ladder. Torch found going down to be much more comfortable than going up. Mattie was well down the ladder and reached imobiliare the ground while he was still fifty feet in the air. She pulled on her shoes and stood with her fists on her hips, watching him descend. The crowd of admiring village ladies quietly melted away. Mattie watched as Torch struggled down the ratlines. His breeches clung tightly to his muscular legs. She had a speculative if somewhat imobiliare bucuresti guilty look on her face as she watched. Torch reached the ground and sat down on a rock to pull on his boots. Nice view, wasn't it? he remarked. Mattie went rigid. Whatwas a nice view? she demanded, bristling. Torch flinched. The view from the crow's